Welcoming Message
by Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor

Career, Internship and Placement Fair 2020, Professor Beena Giridharan Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Curtin Malaysia
Professor Beena Giridharan
Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Curtin Malaysia

Thank you for your participation in this Curtin Malaysia Internship & Placement Fair 2020.

Each annual fair is a proud occasion for Curtin Malaysia, and this year’s event, albeit a virtual one, is no exception. We are proud that we continue to have the support of a wide range of industries, both within and outside Malaysia, and that we are able to connect them with our students, graduates and alumni and other job-seekers in our community.

Thanks to our very capable Careers & Alumni team, we have secured the participation of a larger number of employers this year, and we hope this will be matched by a greater number of participants as well. As this online event is over five days, longer than our usual 2-day face-to-face events, there is more time and opportunity for participants to engage with employers.

Therefore, we trust that there will be significant engagement between participants and employers, and that there will be lots of positive outcomes for everyone. Curtin Malaysia, for one, values the opportunity to collaborate with our industry partners in this fair, and ensure our students and graduates have ample opportunity to seek internships and jobs of their preference.

Indeed, the industries being represented by the employers are quite diverse, as are the career opportunities they offer – from very highly-skilled technical positions to graduate apprenticeship programmes, and short-term internship programmes for students.

As many of the participating employers have Curtin Malaysia graduates in their employment, or have hired our graduates in the past and know of their quality, I can vouch that our latest cohort of graduates are just as knowledgeable and skilled as their predecessors.

At Curtin, innovation and excellence has always been at the focus of the education we provide. We have always been known for having industry-focused and practical courses, ensuring our students are job-ready upon graduation. Furthermore, due to our global outlook, they are capable of working anywhere in the world.

This is definitely an opportunity not to be missed for both participants and employers. For those seeking employment or career advancement, particularly in these difficult times, and I wish you all the best in your quest for that dream job, or the career pathway that will lead to more opportunities ahead.

Once again, I thank everyone for their participation and support, and wish you all a very successful Curtin Malaysia Internship & Placement Fair 2020. Thank you.