Welcoming Message
by Pro Vice-Chancellor

Career, Internship and Placement Fair 2020, Professor Simon Leunig, Pro Vice-Chancellor, President and Chief Executive, Curtin Malaysia
Professor Simon Leunig
Pro Vice-Chancellor, President and Chief Executive
Curtin Malaysia

Greetings and thank you for joining this year’s Curtin Malaysia Internship & Placement Fair 2020. This year, due to the pandemic, the fair is being held as a virtual event for the first time.

Curtin Malaysia takes great pleasure in continuing to host the fair as part of our continued commitment to working with industry and giving our current students, new graduates and alumni, as well other job-seekers in our community, opportunities to secure internships and job placements.

I thank our Careers & Alumni team of our Department of University Life for the fantastic work they have done to make this event happen. This year, 54 companies from not just Malaysia, but also Singapore and Brunei, will participate. This represents a 50 per cent increase in employer participation over last year, which is very encouraging indeed.

In an altered economy and restricted job market due to the global pandemic, it is heartening to see that employers are still keen to connect with potential hires and that there is a good number of job openings and internship opportunities being offered during this fair. It seems the outlook for the immediate future is not necessarily all doom and gloom, and I thank all companies involved.

The Curtin Malaysia Internship & Placement Fair is one of our most popular and much-anticipated yearly events, having through the years established itself as one of the premier career events in this region, and I hope participation of our students, graduates and other job-seekers will be just as keen this year as in previous years. As it is being conducted online this year, many would probably find it more convenient to participate – in their own time over the five days, and from wherever they are currently located.

As part of a global university and active community player, our challenge and opportunity is to not only to help create a well-educated and well-trained workforce that can rise to competition from around the world, but also ensure that young people can flourish, have the opportunity to unleash their potential, and grasp whatever career opportunities come their way.

Furthermore, as Curtin’s largest international campus and global hub in Asia, as well as a leading tertiary institution in Malaysia, we are proud to have produced over 8,000 quality and job-ready graduates in our 21-year existence – graduates capable of working effectively across different cultures and disciplines, and making significant contributions to industry in Malaysia and across the world.

Indeed, many of our graduates have secured lucrative jobs with employers here in Sarawak, as well as in West Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, after participating in this fair in the past, and I hope that our current and newly-graduated students will not waste the opportunities this fair brings.

The range of industries being represented by the participating companies is quite vast – from engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas and timber and plantations, to banking, financial services, retail and tourism – and it is not often that you would find so many employers congregating on a single platform like this. It is an opportunity that simply can’t be missed.

Educational institutions cannot work alone in grooming the talents for the future. Stakeholders in industry have an important role to play as well – in providing internship opportunities for young people to supplement and enrich their studies, giving them exposure and first-hand experience of the various professions, and job opportunities when they graduate.

I would like to thank all the participating employers for their support, both those that have continually participated through the years and first-time participants. I thank you especially for the opportunities you are providing for our students. In doing so, you are helping to unlock their promise and potential as they embark on a future full of possibilities and challenges.

May you all have a fruitful Curtin Malaysia Internship and Placement Fair, and to all the job-seekers, I wish you the best of luck in finding the career opportunities you seek.