Industry Hub at Curtin Malaysia


“As Curtin heads towards 2020, we will position ourselves as a leading GLOBAL university, ensuring that we strive to be both industry-facing and industry-embedded” (Curtin University Strategic Plan 2017-2020).

“Increasingly, the university system will be the locus of fundamental discoveries and industry will need to work with universities to transfer those discoveries into innovative products, commercialised through appropriate business models” (Chesbroug, 2006).


The industry Hub @ Curtin malaysia will provide dedicated opportunities of students, staff and alumni to interact creatively and innovatively, and collaborate with industry, the community and each other to develop networks and emphasize the importance of recognising strategies that move higher education communities beyond their traditional roles.

The Industry Hub will assist students, staff and alumni connect with long standing and new industry partners, to gain transferable skills in innovative and critical thinking, develop creative ideas and foster inventiveness through the following activities:

  • a wide range of events in the academic year
  • unique training opportunities
  • networking with high-profile industry contacts
  • professional development seminars
  • mentoring and advise

The industry hub is open to industries that are keen to partner with Curtin Malaysia, and invites students and staff interested in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.