Effective Job Search

Developing an effective job search strategy will ensure you have an effective and efficient approach to accessing both advertised and unadvertised employment opportunities.


There are a range of methods you can utilise as part of your job search strategy. To increase your chances of successfully locating employment opportunities that fit your personal criteria, consider the following aspects of the employment market:


Advertised Positions


Whilst print media, including newspapers, industry magazines and publications, advertise employment opportunities targeted at their readership, an increasing number of positions are promoted online through internet job boards, company and professional association websites, and recruitment agencies.


These advertisements will not necessarily provide you with all the details about a position. Most professional appointments will have additional information known as a Job or Position Description, which outlines key responsibilities and reporting structures, as well as essential and desirable criteria. This additional information will assist you in deciding if a role is suitable for you to apply for and, if so, to tailor your application to the specific requirements.


Unadvertised Positions


On average, 70% of all jobs are unadvertised. To access these unadvertised, or ‘hidden’, jobs you will need to utilize your personal networks or try cold canvassing. Cold canvassing involves targeting specific companies or industries you would like to work for. A crucial part of this approach is developing your “pitch.” Researching the company will assist you to tailor your pitch to your audience and to communicate what you have to offer the employer that fits their business needs.


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