Preparing a Cover Letter

Cover letters are an essential part of a job application, providing you with the opportunity to demonstrate to a prospective employer your suitability for a position.

A cover letter formally introduces yourself and your resume, states the reasons for your application, and highlights how your skills, experience and knowledge make you a suitable applicant for the role. It is an ideal opportunity to make a good first impression on a prospective employer by demonstrating that you have researched the organisation and matched your experience carefully to the position.


Like your resume, it is worthwhile investing time and effort in your cover letter so that it is tailored to address the specific needs of the position you are applying for. View the ‘Resume, Cover Letter and Personal Branding’ presentation for information on how to create a resume and cover letter that will highlight your skills and experience to your best advantage (presented May 2014).


Once you have reviewed the relevant resources and updated your cover letter, submit it to CAS for an online review at or call in at +6085-630069 for face to face feedback.


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